Keep your fitness up this Winter and improve your rough water skills by participating in the wild-water racing series. You can participate in any type of boat (the more adventurous may like to try the Wicklow races in a sprint K1), including plastics. There are classes for men, women and juniors and two divisions are run for downriver boats. Recreational grades (open singles) will be available for all classes.

Race Program

This year, we have a good variety of races. Some are based on weir-type rivers, such as the Liffey and Boyne and some with more continuous rapids, such as the Wicklow rivers. In addition, the races are spread over a broad geographical area, so there should be one somewhere near you. This year, a special feature will be the Wavehopper Series. These are short races, run in conjunction with slalom events and boats will be provided at a nominal charge. Wavehoppers are plastic downriver boats and we are planning to run the races off on a mass-start (of four boats) in a heat/final basis. The emphasis is on fun and participation in these events, so come along and have a laugh.

The National Championship

The National Championship is run over the full set of ranking races, with each person's best six results counting towards their total championship result. Points are awarded in each class as follows: winner 100, 2nd 99,.... etc, with the person having the highest score over six races winning the championship overall. Attendence at a good number of events and consistancy are the keys to a good championship result. Perpetual championship trophies are awarded at the annual wild-water racing AGM/Social. Separate championship results are kept for all classes, including recreational (open singles).

Foreign Competitors

We would like to extend a warm welcome to all foreign competitors competing in the Liffey Descent and would like to take this opportunity to extend an invitation to you to participate in any (or all) of the wild-water racing series. The Liffey Series, which is run in March, may be of particular interest, since three races take place on different stretches of the Liffey over the same weekend, with cheap ferry prices at that time of year.