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Wild Water Racing - The Purest Form of the Sport
why you should be wild water racing rather than paddling:

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2014/2015 Season Ranking Races  


Palmerstown (S)

Sat. 27th Sept.

Crana (S) *

Sat. 18th Oct.

Sluice (S)

Sun. 2nd Nov.

Templemills (C)

Sat. 8th Nov.

Galway (S)*

Sat. 22nd Nov.

Milltown (S)

Sun. 23rd Nov.

Mourne (Mass start)*

Sun. 7th Dec.

Avonmore (C)

Sun. 11th Jan

Aghade (S)

Sun. 8th Feb.

Inny 1 (C)

Sun 22nd Feb.

Inny 2 (C)

Sun 22nd Feb.

Clashganny (S)

Sun. 8th Mar.

Rankings 14/15 &

Junior Club Rankings



* Non-ranking                ( S) – Sprint                (C) – Classic

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Domestic Calendar for 2014/15 Season


ICF Calendar of International Races


Current WW Racing Rulebook


Selection policy for international teams - 2015 season


Constitution of WW Racing Committee


Link to WW Racing Facebook page


ICF Wildwater Racing Rules



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 Video of wildwater racing technique (FFCK)
The ESOX Speed Tested
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 The Wild Water Racing Committee
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